The aesthetics and value of awnings

building in Orange County with Above Awnings

Awnings from Above Awnings in Anaheim can do so much to improve the appearance of your home or business — and greatly reduce energy costs at the same time. There are many awning products in many sizes, shapes, and configurations. Both fixed and retractable are available in a variety of materials incluing fabric, canvas, and aluminum.

If you need to shelter your home from the direct rays of the sun or you just want to distinguish your business entrance, awnings can be an affordable, versatile, and easy solution. For example, consider adding a retractable awning to your Orange County backyard patio for comfort, beauty, and energy savings.

Awnings can add to the value of your home. The right awning or patio cover can enlarge or expand your living space at a cost much less than construction.

building in Orange County with Above Awnings

Above Awnings' vast selection allows you to easily customize the exact look you want for your Orange County home or business according to your personal tastes. And of course we are always happy to offer any guidance you might want.

Popular types of awnings we offer

Retractable awnings
Fixed awnings
Freestanding awnings
Convex awnings

Euroshade shutter awnings And now offering shutter awnings from Euroshade. Euro Shade Shutters are a unique option to traditional awnings and shutters offering protection from the sun and heat without blocking your view.

Some benefits of installing awnings

Above Awnings has coverings in so many colors, textures, and fabrics that beautifying your home or business is a cinch. Attractive awnings on those bare windows can greatly increase your curb appeal. And picture the new look you can give your business entrance with the right awning!
Protection from fading
Not only can awnings and patio covers protect you and your family but can also help maintain the life of your patio furniture or your decking or even a door. Anywhere an awning provides shade, the sun's direct rays are lessened and your property lasts longer and looks better.
Saving construction costs
A creative use of patio awnings can actually increase the liveable area of your home — and at a cost far lower than you would have to spend to construct a new room. And by using our rectractable awnings, you can easily set up and take down this "extra room" whenever needed.
Protection from rain
As beautiful and sunny as it is here in Orange County, we do get some rain (on rare occasions). And a minimal investment in a patio awning from Above Awnings can help to keep your patio furniture and deck protected from the rain. And it provides for a great place to take in a summer rain!
Saving on energy
According to,
"Window awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows."
Consider how an Above Awnings installation can reduce your costly utility bills.

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